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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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wea h sve rlick toadshis imornng. veha s weeen an iasncre iente deaccints. >> tom: so far we have sot fthatceranin latntg i deacci.nts ethv driuee p ntethe bowl not ebad,thverying rinunnng i the n gree wand te'll a aa laoo lk at three f teway oimesnng t f g,craieoteinu.rive inro fmen honders 13in m autesnd th5e 21s i ale carom ce mutas well. th5e 9 lksoole car but we heav toat wch out for slickds roa. el>> kwely: areee sing scerattiged lhtho swersig rht nnow ie thle valy. elarga are ofn,gree myainl iglhaht s odesref gen. thhoey s buldove ming o wutnithi ntheouec c ople hf.ours onhece t srshowe move out, the nwidsll reagy etin gogki loong atnd wisp u tomi 45 les per hour.
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by:0 90. a2m. 6nd a 65t aoo nn. lwe'lk talb aoutha wte wxp etec tfor rhe oestfhe ta dy andhe t enweekd cgomin up. >> : kimwer aeow dn c tohrunc etimo befhere toc demcrati nevada csaucues on sdaatury. >> a: dan inwo t days. toclinndn a srsande thtonig natte ading townl hau inl hal in wndo ltownase vgas. >>d gooni morng. thke nslaem mciali a pen cc hibee.nd m ithisers whe e the stagetis s t thacruow tch whill wios brasoadcs.on ttigh sn mbc this. isa veryig b mtomenr fohe tw to idcand,ates conlintnd ade sanrs.esl to sas ndercland n into t rsvotet jusdatwo efys beor danevai's finrst w theest preesidlntiacu cauns o sy.urda
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eythed neclhe tll amp ianortt inlatoto v wehich is 2f5% o the lapopution.ere hew ynousk asay clow hintampora ss ies* thkeis, n ep i tmindolnn pd west firre shathd wio yedasteracy pllied c antonnd ndsa iersoti staalsticrs am el likau ccus g,oers 48% forl cnintond a 47%or fan ss.der all iatndicsion is this is going to be a verype comvetitit conest foher t twond caesidatki seeng ethoc demcratiin nomnatio ton ru orfsi pre odentf u thednite esstat. uyo w can tatchhisap hpeniv le lain egs vason t.ight thisngorniolmst outngandi rathe orin frsto yu
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whomes ho ihiwatcefng bthore thave oo go k thanveyou ucry m an>> doma: sy ebodtohas i dot. ki>> hem: he's tfe perrs pe p trdoemenivus lor repter. d >> hana:hoe s huld lavenisteed tly kelor's ftecaste yesyrda bandhtroug anmb ularel. neow pllou tho sgwin cruzum jped ovruer tmponatioy tweb tspoin. 'sithi withen troaguar m ofrr eor. both cdaandites pciartingpati in owtn hall mngeetisrit lasnci nght. >>e i'v had great sesuccns i sibu.ness 'viade hat grece sucss in wslasuit andat grece sucss in gsthin i. do i 'tdonw knore we'in gog toe hav asu lawit but wehedot wan mesot.ones > > cyouaner nevit wref of the ibpossyilit ofa donldmp tru insugpo. you
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t lhatitawsuld wou not\leduccete fi dilo fitawsu, eh iilel plnd aei tbu theal lege m oritshef t martte area cler. >> the ted czru c hampas bnee showin agf oat l est paulrticla s inol carina inshowong d taldprumro fm sealver yuzn wheashe wmuestr pre,ic choe. he s hasng chaised hpi onion on theat mternd ae h'so prif le. heys sa i hes idconsgerin a ulawsgait ainsted t cruz.ene ha k >>a im: l locaedtragy. moa otherhrf tsee ic oec rinovervid assp we k eaniat uversity camedintl ceeit ths at ir afteg bein ishotrn he caown r. rtnos h las vegacepolil tel us iapt hdpeneut abo0 8:0 lt ghnideutsiz orezg fitderal d e eltaemenchry sool. thome wsan'th brohoer wadono twan b toae n bmed t did waheti staneon s heze ersist d wasngrivia to byneara togym k picisup h. son
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llfogowin a herpe odneir fe. >>eb somodyld wou tryo t pull up onh teid se of a vicehel tyhe n'do ktwnoh w ios up inhe tre andus jot sho its'ea rlylra cyzig rhto nw. el hee fe s, onmotih smyr,istemo my ry cg,in erevy ybodngcryi r, wengunni tdownoee strz_ wheroev, didat thu g gody pushnir^a ha tst k >>ifim: k youannow ngythi t abou cthis,rimeas pleale c hthe loty nbeumiour scnreel calme cri,ertopps. an>> d ma: ainan newor yk so dfe one theit cy'slo swes rsepon tols calbo aoaut rdi kll,e h made ank stit ait cyl, hal ralitelly. th r isphalte snves. he claled autbo a ddeaku s onkn
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heav gcre s ewtiun1:l .00a enwhhe tro pemblas wt n'ketan ca ore hf, beugro tht shenku ikta thagat bth to bbe lofy omuy citee hall. emeeploynds aa bdestanidrs d liike tne oit b. stsevens wa ttickeed f sodilyrder ct.duc mthea sheid terre weor me esprgsin syafetce con trnshan cpi uking sp akunk fromt tha y'gus ftron yard. stsevened sch tuledo arppea in rtcou onch mar 7. hife wants ton gai f wavorith ethge jud, ige sug hste not bring a skunk to theea hngri >> im kma: eybwi schtut oh t otclshe or make sure theyre a edwash sohe tres i no stink on whimhen he seeshe t j.udge >> yo> tondta aal recol tonten oftune tinamhe snte se tence dheseun weav hane heotonr toe ha s.reco ita is dwworlreide acallend wnq owkn t whyuthe akeo maanr wts osthare cfs ohef tuo 'lwearl sheae ahd. an>> dnda: any manqu paciao
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magerriad an a nowy major cpaom drpoped we t'llellsabeha wcqt paab stoboay atut iautoom c u y im>> kny: kanoe, a mtheroweltdn sto whare yithou. yoreu ain goog tr hea a r theerapp isin hco_or w he'tidncaer khenow .ng bei edtap athe tim te. ist i wyildler entintainndg a haeppenehd b tindhe sscene at snl cgomin up. d >> wana:ave heai rn out there in l the vas comal v y kellggoin s tohes w rasin iarasal fownd are whe
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ithatsom cgin >> : kimomwelce back. thheal andum han sceervidos searcretlly wi v beinisit t,flinangaichidarod t >> a: dan' shehes te g ecrea rsfidthank lootath at andaleder onrespose thuman h ty citat's wy iscris. shile wmu com emembbors aheut tex n stpsteo t dradseshe t city'so onging healthll chaesengre the. k >>anim: rotheal recnvl ingolviar yoto d isthwiorldues al 3mostl mil sionsporttarali util
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ll1 miiion hen tt unitaed stes al aoneh wit the seltatbed an pthebiossiylit cthey fould iailnhe tve e* c aanenccid mothe adelsteffecred he t areib dan v thearangud. we g're toingo put alls thi inatformionn o our1 lsi webs thmpe cosaany t'ys iins gog to aladd ptisov cs er the seat cunshiom fraate co no o st tmake suhere tsu isse iix fed. d >> aana:e livoo lkt ah tse la vegastr sip. cqpaouiail wlig fht timra bydle inpr ail. hnikeasec didedo tlaas dp roethra iconic boxer afterr ctronerovias. coenmm ttstha: mnyanac piaqucq demaut abo m gayagarrie. she taid ghatuiou csple aao eworsn thaear*ni atlecen
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coventroalrsiom csment hoabtrren. cpaoquiapo aizloged buts say l istos oppamed seex s may reeccollt. mheadesex marriage. he made similar comments a few years ago. >> kim: an aquarium making an under water u sfelti s for a ase ethit l gtle tuyakes it for a ride. aol veunterkio at cre thisay sgin he thought it would be cool to see what sea lions see when they are swimming is. it is cool to see. the video was released about a ewe akgo a indt'sti gets. uzof b ndremiash iri dad who tcameso laeg vas arnd tyingo t ado denocumtaryhi tng f orhis
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olwh unaim t s an>> dnda: ar the tafoun sin iandwat o. him >> : kim cyouan gleoogt. tha mmjiyn allo* a a did obit vea s to k>>lyel a: weeere sliing ght shs.ower bgraur yore umb alla yolfurse yra ext ee. tims slowow d ae makur svee ha you thipe w aersend had lsight on thoris mg.nin heres i a preictund aou y see the seou thresgh m .quit reentend i l theegas vas llvaey. hesre iaqse clo.ooko owshers a sdeen sheow tonreup reto cepla s the now ithats ltmeed. ndsayle valyas hee bnin seeg thatct ay.ivitla etheswe sho nti conck tra heto tth norier eti dr aierovir m iingdin behne ethesng goi b touacve arll itwnh i n theleoupen sigf ouiste. hours.
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rmoningom c.mute 'rwee ggoin toe bea dglinh wit nwids. th aoseoire gong tk picp uat ler thisor m.ning th ereis ad windv ayisor for all three a sasdhade t inan that uincl ldesegas vas vyalleit wh swind t ant mous.ain ck ro s gpts un 6 to os5 plesib uthro t:00llosft aonerno. tin aumal vr m*in w ouab0- 2il30 mes per hour. 'rwee not at the peak winds. yet thiat well b 100:0o t:0 20h tis rnafteoon. teatmperuree, wis not too bad cwithnturredi constionun arod .60 rouh higay todl wil beht rig at 7 witnds l will fee olcoer. totnighve vieai modasle cas s windd i dishminiroxhr touough nithe lot ok atethe atmper, ures rrtomoutow bk bacntup ieo th 70mid y 's b otende f thenweekd
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rmno i3. 6 > s>sounda gres t alongshe tre nisoin wnd o the way. erthse i nngothio dean cab do it. thisere ra a bewnd nff traic gnsioial gnng is thidngorniacia utsofh o srnthe_xtw belr ethma gnes opabr. danwkeahands aem pavent. thsing improving atl lite bit. we'll take it toh t5e 21 weher dsspee are linookg goodnd a eltrav timeso lgokin good. no aenccidts. a lookut oesidws sholos veig l fitrafc. erth me isuroistere hne a tdrehe utbo nnincc antideo s s kiloooong gtd aunt.omen >> a: dan i shesel lovhey, s is letanted andt par ofm teahanton wa.gner isheans jkie ng. yadou hce i whoe a,intalkoug abgn
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kthany verh. muc d >> ana:ani wot tk talbo aut thee nwhi cpar cds. reeceiv odnero fm my bank relycent atnd i has ahi cnp o the card. sudose to help me pecrott my edcr citardor infonmati. cie hor weve smoststore i g t ndo h'teaviehi a cgerar cadd reer. >>'s it msonfu yoou got tp keein avlete i_thn ere and at lof o oppeavle heot gtene onf ose the remoec sure c ehipdmbear cds. these. thois cssst ateociaitd w tthattohe s tave por f, thenew emequipnt, tolechn ,ogy ttheime i mtakes t moakeha tt antrositin. bu. e qure axp eteecejra to pmp uare e thsitran ttionyehis og d >> oana:tone share test do e thosaris tget. lo pt ofeeopl t had cheirtredi
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>> o onee f thesbiggeet brq erev. an>> dala: wt -maroiis gong t otakehn w foles.ood ltelut aboue.his >>y thegirindr hun of lepeop teo psple' job is to ivempro the fresheland foode ctseion. wartl-mare hi mielderanag pland toans e hirdr hun meds dany thewaoi gako tlmte s torommp ierovar whe thsh fred foo feofsring s inestor and try to kta den oo le whode.oods ones salw groth thisar ye so mawal-srt it flah rigtow n. d >> yana: aoureot nng doi porertske lionse the deotr nto stnsatioun aroe d thtrcouny? >>, nosvt juseou. an>> de'a: weell s youg aain rrtomo >> : kim's shey veral loy 'slet gonou idanforhe tp loo s.vega ifjennoper lo uto sgppin"t by r nitoshght wow"m jimnallo
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itmaeg vasy. bab h >> aerehre s ootsfat wh ha ienshen t lasas veg show. >>h oaqod. >>k loot aha tt. t'>> i ls aot ofor wk. ui p ttheogetr a show that is ses or f mf.ysel this is gg ointo be sooo gdd an atfnd on^peow shctquike. oshw. weaw s itbo aut a weekgo and a shee wa tay sar fne o gsthin aaser lm: asvegw sho i i it snd a imoreatntimhe tan pinlayg a elarg thwi l twoeittls, one she esdo hn't taveove tral. 'sitie easr to be ableo tdo er h intherg hne i lasve gas. weov leav hinger h. > >>ouif y a are h p faoun, y areo ging toov le this.
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cbeinom tg c atyiea nou y eaouch tcrus icoing to pntrese a vmoie onhe t bgi screen. the music will be pfoerermd lvei yb a orchestra. it soundser pctfeor fhe t s tecenr. wweerme sog dig tingeeo s cfitsg ominurto oe finy. cit nowe kmuhis hrch t adre ting ve pceiet' i ingo tgre piemtt ilahilpdeahi un j v wel'lo dtl litege lck woriudaor f uyoau bechatou wr faasntict >ne> onvesoo csoviepa encaj sat cener. ahell t hsicfinaee b laem ra a frheom tie mov i andast wly plas .livepo >> : kimavwe hm e tohato tornk fnt*s that. d >> iana:ast wtico snb uvaelie.ble dhis waderala pat th.ightuna d tengachis pe empxa.le. aan mm` l whos ove stoh wits hisi ineachng atmporad fuetan tomes lson
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wel 'lllteou yb atouhe tso les e'ha ea lin comgp. u >> : kimasunsue latermothw edussa to tgh cau tt byon yon u caitsee au's conght ovide. atwh w is tg bi s?bear dwhyiehe the tm so? bad wee hav thefu llry stod heaed
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was"gner >> : kimyekan. veliic psture ofout thetear oewf nh w cerean we west had a moweltdn. urlaicen mshael t hadok tal hmi wndoau bechese was asi muc guestn o snlnd ae thronat tgue bail. theyos ptedat whey thla cims ia poonrti t ofheud aiola tye kan
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ee[blabe , [uva n oenl. >>in i a'tng goi to do t.his >> hent we on the hhat was0% 5or memp intortaha tnhe t taaposaul pndl ath oerh tsingf o atth\lreatu. wasor w in, tompa w hemom,us hs, ha i lwilcu p i youe samom cbat do is ar geogetecagory g aseeorglo c.oney have you qeuifi cone.denc om>> tth: iisso n rnultign i
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a look oidutse showsot misort setoem l dea wing iithust jt .fine no dselay so we'll headn i ttohe lbow w yhereoure a at 6le0 mis per hour. ew d areoingre gat on the road. idouts veiew sshow no aenccidts, noay dels. ewe hav thet weff stuunngcomiue ndowau bec arthe ea. as g youeaet rody td heanthe te r,doo pmpahru 56. deboulr city 62. 'tdon ftorge to grabrockhe t c umlabrelnds a's it gg oin btoe a dywin one. hrpa 2umpil7 meres p hour. ulboderno6. ethds winen hav'tke pead. yet ithiss t wha wee arki loong at thhroug thet resheof tay d y.toda by:0 90m. a.2 2smile perou hr.
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26 1 g uustspue2 . 45mis so d >> wana:,indyn dy win. >> : kimltumb tingeumble wed.
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usbruh bs thi k >>loim: fcalirees invattigors
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uyocrr seenec bauseat thom he shaen be inhe tew nsef bore. wa uit ntil hyouearhe tat ewav h ietea hdder you way. d >> sana:isurpr mingove. tjusks wee[subef blohis ado is ttand frial r llkia ing l locaagteen suthe t spec sdoeshiometong n exone edpect. 'wealll tbok ahaut tomt cz_ k >>oim: hen t sud. men c amir metenin canov recgeriner aft beingta sd bbeinhe tac fnde a theer pson rnsespo sibleseuppod toac fe a l jocaludge.oday ether is a e newntlemeh tat has anso m pyeeopl fdirep un ad we have itarhe a thayursdo haceor m.ning nadic pestur t of_.ay beridg anin ski fconcissu im>> kns: faap of spleinhowe u sutppornheor tpa comheor t eo
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nddema tingteoc unlhohe p ooshs.ter d >> tana:onhe c icern isfhe ty dhio tsac bkoo drix fo she t f..b.i canet gn ito it,at th smeany thean c g ietntony a e.phon wtheydoule hav to pderovi that to r genernmndt a acprivsy i a crnoncero fm apple oc.e.n. o this one. im>> ket: ggtin a lot of orsuppt. hweave tiraff aceand wther to ktalut abos thin moring. tle'srt stah witm. to om>> ta: whit ke lie moran th pa tag lkint aboufitraf ac isk lacr toficraffpre pe nopleunot r iningonnto another. eyth n areoiot dhang tspt de fathe e'ct wadve hht liges splerink maa ybe mofew spist heots ndre a e.ther 2155,nd 1e makthe
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e didoing mtl litt e bi 51the y5 asppou ah.roac webut up're sp to exeed fceptor tinowhe bl. avtrimel tooes l gkingreen whr etheheon tor 15 in comg in frenom honders l all gooksood. tricaffnc bu uhingusp j bt a onaqouhe snd bou5. on bigtiverdea da el>> ktly: hohe sswerrt staing toak bredeap eittlrs t lightyspotiv actarity toundhe lva ellecia th nort.eas erhend ssongeeinatypot`victi ethre. theseho swerson cintinuog tus ph ofof t theor nthnd at eass a rdrie i airs mgovin ineh bind it and windy ctiondions. sguts up t 4ole5 mis per hour. peex hodh tay adroun 70. 'weakll te a look at what we ctexpeun aro tdhendeekeesmain com y .uphas k >>brim: neand ncw congerni calorel fiere inigvests atorheon tne sce say thomis hase hn beehein t n fobe rsfiett, let's ges latapr herere a iderovipone i l themoga veidprovedy beth v lasegasir feep denartmt.
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fifirersghtee were ablo te gt thfiat ndre u lason ce ut abo m.utes noanei nrighboomng ham d.aged tandhank gesoodns w geotor wd ath te sontatilole ha tomt h en vatcanch whiel brings us to the first time that home was in the local ns.ew effirerightays s it ctaughir fe kbac inov neremb. with that ienncidtoc lal peolic isayast w the rtesul of an onarst tha stetardit wh a zabi hrreidomicey tinvesongatiq onmae kin edllnd aou fer oth ihurtdinclu tng aeroddl. e thimvictres wend bouo esit wiph z ,ties o oneenb sta dswoun. that incident remains under inigvestn.atio danhe ty doveelie t t llocags gan. an>> d a: alloca manus acced of hafiorricm criein agast aoc lal enteeragi wllot nac fe ari tal. he pled gheseha c.rges acd cuseofap ring, triortu angnd
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sheal wdkeeomro fch sl.oose 'sheha cedrgn ir herdmu, era e crim sthatedhock d mmcoy.unit hisa plees dot noom autalatic hmean ge'sgoin b toute po la death. t aheyotre n g tec bause he pledsignui g oa ljcal wr maec d i ousheld btexecuord fo imcres. foss alyot mr,het i's a lgon teimor f jtiusec toe com ande sh yssaea dths i thepp airoprate ntse.ence t'>> isar hd toee sim hn ad know hwhate did to her. dhetidn' cdonsiera'lyss felier, hcho am f y e >>ni jenreill ena aic v l pa scketmetateurnt dthing o napephlty adase inmittl wil con befi dif fcultoer t lao d eshs sayiaor imp ftant. her toherehe wn he is secentend.
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waabs stinbed f thewiace a chmalaete eest w ck isnuontiing toov recnder a e istexpecod t be b ackheon ter aftnd wou filynal heal. ethso pern aedccusf our injing nikkis iup sd posetoe b in a courtroom today. there isk nikind wouaper aftna anhed otfir of wcersinent aside atth6- 3aryeld-oan man medago t egat kiike nit wikhe tkteache ether t in.ace u wne ws 3blas aheck init w\ nii kkstyedaerafy ter being rushed t aot veenmerg rgsun ncohee tt sti cchespaut osnd a ethqu de ou wl, heaul shoed blo a acburn o n streets. fas tor mheanpo reslnsibore f isthhe, is sseuppood t be in tcouris thk wee butfu re tsedo go. so the judge has orderedim h to appear tayod. ith sswal alup ssepod too gow dn styey.erdaa u frhaom w ut westnder tand,hey arste juin tryeraet g
5:35 am
appearance in a local courtroom. a little ra diassocwited dthistiramaenc ev bt to .withp >> a: dann wheu you a a nicaoune yl shat'l iiks loue y arett ainackgn a oerffic. >> ea> br wkingithe hr.arty emsuproue cceustiion cner spseak out aoub wtho wlil plreeac scalia and whatsh e watsn toee s happen cgomin. up im>> ku: yo t see dhatog ont tha arbod. paaplrent cy wean all learn an rtimpoantjun.essoro 'lwearl sheae ahve d >> iana: rt isngaini llvaey. kewilly holl s tw usathe lest
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rthe iains >> : kimnewmi mia. velitu pic oresut of m,iami flaorid y onourcr seen. thelo csestme anricait coy t cuba. we nowdot thaprthe enesidi gis toing vo beinisitama cubisu neonxt m woofrd p tric aomeshs te otwnt cou criesa _xor effo noizrmale rioelatns. d >> cana: loolngos a aelessngel
5:39 am
siviet thlas vsl iat nion. >> : kimavwe hrae tffic and atwe therheo cck in. hewhen tsre iai rn,he tre uusroal pmsble t onemdw roa t >> wom:ave hne aaid accgi thare fstrth souarsi outde l theas gveasal vleyn i thatm sall inridustalr aeakn aowns thiso invlves ara t tctorlerair icwhh arsppea to be otsn iid se. atth is the odeutsiic p.ture ni do't knowccidf incuat relsl atthwe to r atheotor nest th aat'su s yo tmakeexhat ramp. el>> kshly: rsowert sta tingo eabrkp. u ewav heho swersro aund ndhenerso. rispoung minntal stilee sing thatteiv act.ity faas sr ae th ttupera conencerd4- 5eedegrsu bt winds
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sgust to 34. itoi's gong t be pyrett windy y.toda lypart s graki s shighda tos pxp eedecta seit h 7 li'llstanou yte venn k pect foher teneekco mingdedo im>> kti: s tllomo c hengeadi home.. kim: po fpeiranc desea htoack tiva acanfter arl neayk weeon lg svioit t mcoexi. ihes binreakg with ttiradion nwhe ites com t tohee ridom he. we e'llinxplaad ahe. d >>: anacha sarus cgryincacho sttsudentich catesi fre. evoderyboty gu ot okut bow n
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5:45 am
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5:46 am
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5:47 am
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5:49 am
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5:50 am
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5:51 am
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5:55 am
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6:00 am
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